The Venue: Beach or Gazebo?

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The Venue: Beach or Gazebo?

The Venue

You’ve decided to have a Destination Wedding. Wonderful! It’s going to be beautiful. Picture it now, the sun high in the sky, the sound of the waves softly curling unto the white sand, and you, gazing into the eyes of the one you love. Who could ask for more?

But, is the beach the place you want to say your vows? Here are some things you should consider when planning a beach wedding. Different venues have different advantages and disadvantages. You can’t control the weather so ask the Resort Wedding Coordinator for a Rain alternative location.

The Beach Venue:

  • The Sand between your toes will feel good on your special day. Consider a bare foot wedding. High heel shoes may not work in the sand.
  • The Sun can be extremely hot in the middle of the day. Give your guests a gift of sunscreen, sunglasses or hats, bottles of water.
  • The Wind can blow sand and lift dresses. Save the vale for the pictures.

Every resort will have alternative locations for your ceremony. You may be able to use a Gazebo that is next to the beach, or the pool deck overlooking the beach. Some resorts will even have beautiful gardens, or rooftops for your consideration.

What ever you choose, just remember that the only important decision is the one you’ve already made. To marry the right guy.

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