Island Girl Versus Bridezilla, it's all in the Details

Island Girl Versus Bridezilla, it's all in the Details

Planning your wedding details, Bridezilla Versus Island Girl

The concept of a Beach Wedding is to have a relaxing vacation and get married at the same time.

Picture this: A tiki hut on the beach with island music playing, warm breezes blowing and a rum punch in your hand. You are standing next to the man of your dreams, surrounded by your best friends, and you say, “who cares what my dress looks like, or the colour of the flowers, I’m on vacation.”

The reality sets in when you book the wedding a year in advance and for an entire year all you can think about are the details. You want to be Island Girl, all laid back, but you end up being Bridezilla, fretting over the details, and trying to micromanage details from a distance.

Do not despair. Resorts have Wedding packages for you to select. These can be found on the Resorts webpage. They include details such as colour schemes, size of wedding cake, number of Wedding Photos. These packages are pre-determined, and range in price.

Your Travel Agent and the Wedding Coordinator on site will help you decide which package is best for your individual desires. Many resorts let you deviate for the package and add elements. Some are stricter and will not allow deviations. It’s important to know this before you pay a Deposit.

It can be exceedingly difficult to be so far from the resort and the people who are looking after the most important day of your life.

One simple way to solve this problem is to visit the resort before you book the wedding. Meet with the Wedding coordinator, see the different venues, talk about what you want and when you are satisfied, make your booking. Then you can relax and be an Island Girl.

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