Because Bermuda is close to home, but feels like a million miles away.

Because Bermuda provides the perfect backdrop to the start of your lives together.

Because Bermuda offers you a unique set of options tailored for your day.

Because you deserve Bermuda.

Adopt Their Customs

Bermuda's otherworldly charm is something that makes their island feel remote and magical. Harness some of that magic when you adopt one of their customary wedding traditions that happen only on Bermuda's shores.

Kiss under a moongate - the horseshoe shaped arches found in gardens all over the island - will, according to local legend, assure a long and happy life together. Walk through one of their lovely limestone archways, make a wish, seal it with a kiss and look forward to a joyful and prosperous future.

Traditionally, Bermudians serve two cakes at their weddings, one for the bride and one for the groom. The bride's three-tiered fruitcake is covered in silver icing to symbolize their fruitful marriage, while the groom's single-tier pound cake with gold icing signifies prosperity. Both cakes are adorned with tiny cedar saplings that the couple may plant somewhere special on the island to embody their growing love.

With no car to hire on the island, brides and grooms often follow the example of local couples who travel to and from their weddings by horse-drawn carriage.

Know Before You Go - Legal Requirements - View the Bermuda Wedding Guide HERE for more information.

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